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Appreciating God’s Gifts Every Day

Appreciating God’s Gifts Every DayWhen things get hectic, we at JCLU Forever think it’s important to sit back and reflect on the gifts that God gives us each and every day. By taking this time out to give a little appreciation, you’ll feel your stress levels going down, and a positive outlook creeping up, as you’re reminded of all of the beautiful things that God has allowed us to experience. From the nature that surrounds you, to the family that keeps you calm during tough times, God gives you many gifts throughout your life to make the difficult days a bit easier if you just give a little bit of time to look. (more…)

Rep Your Faith With New Spring And Summer Fashions

Rep Your Faith With New Spring And Summer FashionsAt JCLU Forever, we have some great new spring and summer fashions to help you to rep your faith in the warmer months, while still looking as great as ever! Our tanks and tees are adorned with faith based messages or images to allow you to show pride in your love for Jesus Christ, while the cuts and styles remain trendy and in fashion with today’s hottest styles. From simple messages to passages of scripture, our line is designed to keep you looking great as you show your pride in your faith!

Our Mercy & Grace tank top is one product that can help you show your faith in a more subtle yet fashionable way. With the simple black and white message of mercy and grace framed in a white outline, this is a tank that can go well with jeans, shorts, or even as a bathing suit cover up tank. In unisex sizes, the tank is made to be on the looser side and super comfy, so you can enjoy the warm breezes of the warmer months in total style. (more…)

Putting on the Armor of God: How to Dress for Spiritual Battle

Put on the full armor!

“When you’re facing any kind of spiritual battle, remember you’re not fighting it alone – you have God’s armor!” “When you’re wearing His armor, you can experience victory in every area of your life (Ephesians 6:13-18). Here are some ways to use the armor to dress for spiritual battle.”

Truth! “First in your armor you have your ‘loins girt about with truth,’ God’s Word is truth!” The Bible provides God’s guidelines for your life, the path for you to follow.

A Lamp? Psalm 119:105 says the Bible is “a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Right now, you and I can’t see down the whole path for our life – the future is in darkness. But God’s Word is a light to that darkness; it can show us the way to go. The Word gives you a “vision” for what your life is supposed to look like. It teaches you how to walk this life of a Christian, and also shows you how to walk out God’s specific plan for you.


The Breastplate of Righteousness! Another part of our armor is the breastplate of righteousness.You are righteous in Christ Jesus – not because of what you’ve done, but because of what He’s done! (2 Cor. 5:21). In Christ, you have right-standing with God. Put that breastplate on every day!”

The Sandals of Peace! Then, when you put “the sandals (gospel) of peace” on your feet, you’re ready to “go ye” into all the world to proclaim the Gospel – the Good News – to everyone you meet. The greatest spiritual battle on earth is the battle for souls, and you and I have cure for lost souls: Jesus! Proclaim His gospel of peace everywhere you go by telling people He loves them and died to save them.

The Shield of Faith! “Faith is simply believing what God has said, and it comes from hearing the Word of God over and over (Romans 10:17). In the midst of a spiritual battle, you can trust God to take care of you! He’ll never let go of you. Don’t doubt Him. He wants you to trust Him so He can do miracles for you and promote you. Believing Him is how we hold up the shield of faith again the enemy’s fiery darts.”

The Helmet of Salvation! You are also clothed with “the helmet of salvation,” which was bought and paid for you by the blood of Jesus. Salvation provides you with everything you need, every day of your life. There’s never a moment you’re outside His watchful care (Hebrews 7:25).

The Sword of the Spirit! Next is the only offensive weapon of your armor, “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” When you’re going through a spiritual battle, don’t leave your sword in its sheath — take it out and swing it at the enemy! What does that mean? It means to speak the Word (Mark 11:23). Don’t face the devil with your mouth closed – speak the Word!

When You Continually Revisit Mistakes

When You Continually Revisit MistakesI try constantly to live the life God would have me to live for Him, but the same mistakes keep finding me.

First, if you’re reading this and you feel like this post is for you—it is. God lead you here and that’s important, because we know you’re probably feeling something along the lines of: “How can He still love me after everything?” It’s possible. Trust that and trust Him.


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Next, you may be wondering if God really has a plan for you and how it’ll all work out if you continue to stray. These are common questions, common feelings, and common mistakes. (more…)

Help! How Do I Give All My Problems To God?

Help! How Do I Give All My Problems To God?This is a question so many of us struggle with. We think that if we can simply believe and pray, then we’ll receive immediate results and solutions to our problems when the truth is, really, that’s not what God may want for you. But then you may wonder if you’ve even really let go and how to do just that if you haven’t.

What we can tell you is this. You need to trust. Trust that once you’ve said, “I’m letting this go, God, it’s yours and I trust Your will for my life.” At that point, He’s already taken the reigns and said, “Okay. I’m here as always, and I’ve got this.(more…)

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5 Inspirational Verses To Keep Going

5 Inspirational Verses To Keep GoingSometimes it helps to have just one verse at the ready, when you’re struggling to keep God at the forefront. For that reason, we’re not going to give you one verse of scripture, but five of them to help you along. The Bible is full of great and mighty inspirations, and all you have to do is seek them out.

1. Psalm 46:10

“Be still and know that I am God.”

This is the type of verse that’s meant to put you at ease. We come to God with so many of our problems, our hands outstretched. And He encourages us to do this, but many times we feel it’s not enough to simply ask Him for His help. That’s not an accurate representation of who God is in our lives. Rest easy knowing He has you in His hands. (more…)

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How To Find An Amazing Birthday Gift For Your Best Friend

How To Find An Amazing Birthday Gift For Your Best FriendThis is a guide we know all you ladies may have been hoping for. Is your bestie difficult to shop for? It’s possible. Also possible is that she may be easy to shop for and you’re just having trouble finding something that would be excellent for her faith. No matter what’s hindering you from finding that perfect thing, JCLU is here to help you along. Here are 3 potential gift options for your best friend on her birthday.

1. Devotional Book

One of the best things you can do is help you friends succeed in their walks with God. A great—and pretty unique—way to do this is by searching for the ideal devotional book. Once you find one, you may even be pleased to know you can do them together if you get two—one for each of you. The variations of devo books out there is wide, so take your time finding the one that will suit her in her faith. Some come with daily devotionals, others come with weekly calendars, still more combine the two, so you have a lot of options in this area, and that is half the fun. (more…)

Renewal For The Christian At The Wayside

Renewal For The Christian At The Wayside“How’s your walk with God today?” How often are you asking yourself this? And how often are you asking this question of others? It may be more important to them than you realize. And asking it of yourself may propel you back into the right direction as well.

Asking the question isn’t going to immediately solve all your problems, but it may help point you in a better direction—A direction that involves renewal on all fronts.

Renewing Your Walk (more…)

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