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3 Ways to Fit Prayer Into A Busy Lifestyle

3 Ways To Fit Prayer Into A Busy LifeAt JCLU Forever, we know how important prayer is to daily life, and remembering to thank God for all he has provided to you is a great way to think positive while simultaneously embracing and strengthening your faith. However, the busier we get, the less we may remember to pray and think about the wonderful gifts we were given by God throughout our lives, but there are ways to fit prayer into even the busiest of lifestyles.

1. Make a date, and set a reminder

Just as you can make an appointment with a client, customer, friend, or co-worker, you can make an appointment with God. If your days are busy, it is always okay to make a date, or appointment, to pray and set a reminder to make sure you don’t forget. Simply set aside five minutes or so of your day, write it on the calendar, in a planner, or with a cell phone app, and set an appointment to have some time connecting with God and focusing on positivity through prayer. You will find that it can create a sense of calm and change the entire outlook on your day, as God will provide you with the inspiration and insight you need to make the most out of your routine.

2. When finding alone time, spend it with God

Whether you have a commute, a break from work, or a stop between errands, you can spend this alone time within your schedule with God using the power of prayer. These times are perfect for fine tuning your connection with God and embracing your faith, and you may find that your perspective on your day changes for the better once you squeeze these prayer sessions in!

3. When things get rough, focus on prayer

A busy lifestyle is often wrought with periods of frustration or stress, but prayer can make you feel much better about your situation. When things start to feel overwhelming, take a few seconds and pray to God for strength. This can be done within your head, or out loud, and either method will prove to be beneficial in clearing your head and encouraging you to handle any bumps in the road with ease and grace.

Prayer doesn’t need to be a long or tedious process, and anyone can fit time into their daily routine to thank God for what he has provided. At JCLU Forever, we understand how stressful a typical day can be, but fitting prayer into the schedule can make all the difference. For more ideas and inspiration, check back with us frequently to see how you can strengthen your faith and relationship with God no matter what the routine has in store.


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