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How Rude! CNN cuts off Benjamin Watson for proclaiming Jesus.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed! 7 Ways To Shake Stress

What is stress? Stress hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol) are secreted, your heart pumps faster, blood pressure rises, breathing quickens, perspiration increases, and digestion slows. Taking physical action exhausts the stress hormones. But when stuck behind a desk or in a car, with one tense situation after another, stress chemicals remain in the bloodstream. This causes headaches, creating further anxiety. Eventually your system is so overloaded that a minor incident can prompt a crisis.

Stress makes you unhappy, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of inadequacy, pessimism, and dissatisfaction with life are all part of the picture. It can make you difficult to live with because people under stress are often irritable, irrational, and hostile. It can affect your work performance — you may be forgetful, lethargic, and unable to concentrate or make decisions.

We live in a culture where stress dominates many of our lives. It is easy to become overwhelmed with our many responsibilities. Few of us know how to deal with these stresses in a healthy way and we continue to push ourselves and those around us. Calmness and peace are available to us as we seek God’s direction each day.

Here’s 7 effective ways to beat stress in your life:



Get a Hobby

Have you ever enjoyed an activity so much that you lost track of time? That’s the theory behind using hobbies as stress relief. Participating in pastimes you enjoy, like cooking and writing, gives your mind gets a break from anxiety and tension because you’re focusing on a completely unrelated activity. A hobby is helpful because it gives another outlet to feel good, relaxed, and confident


Be Money Smart

One of the biggest drivers of stress is financial woes. Not coincidentally, health problems are the major driver of bankruptcy, and then bankruptcy cycles back to be a major driver of more stress-related health problems. That’s why it’s important to create some kind of emotional comfort zone with money — that is, just the feeling that you have some sort of nest egg can ease your stress. And that’s why socking away 10 percent of your income every month (or at least $100 every month) can start the process of giving you a backup plan. And, of course, with credit card debt exceeding the national debt, having a good frame of mind about your plastic is important. Use your cards for the convenience of paying your bills, not to avoid paying them.


Plan Ahead

Part of what makes life so stressful is uncertainty. Because so much of life is unpredictable, it helps to maintain a regular schedule and track all your responsibilities that lie ahead. Better to clutter a piece of paper with a to-do list than to clutter your brain with how-will-I-do-it-all worries. While you’re at it, the other thing you can do with your pen is a nightly gratitude journal. Write down one or more things every day that you appreciate. This helps put your stressors in perspective.


Quick-Fix Breathing-

Slow breathing from the diaphragm is one of the most effective ways of managing stress. Quick-fix breathing can release tension in a difficult situation. Calm and control your breathing by taking several deep, slow breaths. Return to normal breathing, then repeat. If the tense situation can’t be changed, give a mental shrug, sigh, drop your shoulders, and ask yourself, “Who cares?”



This induces deep physical relaxation and mental awareness. Sitting comfortably upright, close your eyes and relax. Focus your mind on an object — breathing out and in to the count of four, looking at an image such as a candle flame or flower, or repeating a word such as “peace” or “one” for 15 to 20 minutes.


Enlist the Pros

Some things are easy to do alone. But dealing with life’s major stressors isn’t one of them. In the face of trauma, depression, or grief, many of us retreat into our own thoughts and lives and become more inaccessible than a bank vault. But that’s the time when you most need therapists and support groups. Treat depression like it’s a broken leg, because it’s every bit as much of a physical problem as any other health issue.



Last on our list… but by by far the most important! There are so many reasons to pray. Stress relief is just one benefit of a praying lifestyle. God’s Word is full of admonitions to pray. When you can’t count on anything or anyone else, you can always count on Him. Praying influences your state of mind, helping you relax and thereby reducing the effects stress has on various body organs. It is known to not only help reduce mental stress; it also helps beat physical stress and evens out your emotional reaction to it.



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Hero Who Saved Stranger from Burning House Gets Once-In-a-Lifetime Surprise that Moves Him to Tears

After incredible footage of a blue baseball cap-wearing man rescuing a complete stranger from a burning building went viral earlier this week, the internet wanted to know the identify of this selfless hero.Now they’ve got their answer.
His name is Tom Artiaga. He’s a truck driver, a family man, and a Dodgers fan.
Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the unsuspecting Artiaga was surprised with an array of well-deserved gifts courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel and the Los Angeles Dodgers.
In particular, former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda declared Artiaga would be honored by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a Dodger’s game next year. The father of three visibly choked up at Lasorda’s announcement.
The unassuming Artiaga was likable, humble, and gracious on his show appearance. He’s not a man who’s seeking the spotlight or the attention of the world. But he’s the one who deserves it.

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As Her Horse Sinks Deeper and Deeper Into The Mud, This Woman Does The Unthinkable.

Astro the horse sinks into mud but his owner Nicole Graham refused to leave his side until this farmer saves the day!
Nicole absolutely adores her horse of 18-years and refused to leave his side. She encourages her best friend until she is forced to leave his side when help arrives. It was truly an amazing sight to see all of these people whole heartedly help this animal in need.

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7 Things We Can Learn From Ruth

Ruth DevotionalA brief background of Ruth to appreciate her story:

Ruth is not your ideal woman.

She was a Moabite. Moabites were descendants of Lot from an incestuous relationship with his oldest daughter. 

Ruth was looked down upon because she was a woman (women were once considered a property, a little higher than cows in their society)

She’s a widow.

She remained faithful to her mother-in-law, Naomi. Braving the nasty things people said about her and the cruel treatment she received, she went out to glean the barley fields of her late husband’s kin Boaz.

Boaz heard of Ruth’s goodness from his people. 

Boaz saw how Ruth cared for her mother-in-law.

Boaz had known Ruth’s loyalty, diligence, determination, and perseverance.

Naomi advised Ruth to dress up and sleep at Boaz’s feet. 

The rest as they say is history.

7 Things We Can All Learn From Ruth:

1. Ruth’s priority was not to wait for someone to redeem her after her husband died leaving her with no children. Sort out your priorities. Don’t wait for other people—especially for men to validate your existence.

Don’t expect others to fill your empty cup. They might just be as empty as you are and you’ll end up draining each other.

2. Loyalty and selflessness are always rewarded. She cared for Naomi and never left her side which eventually led her to Boaz.

3. Be confident with who you are. Ruth never let rumors and gossips stop her from going out there and getting what she needs. She ignored the whispers. She knew she’s being judged because she didn’t fit in the society’s standard. She had more important things to think about; she had no time for petty things and petty people. 

4. Be diligent, persevering, and determined. Ruth worked harder than the others, which Boaz noticed.

5. Be a woman of character. Boaz told Ruth: “All my townspeople know you for a worthy woman.” What can be more flattering than that? 

You can’t control your reputation, because everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

You can’t control people’s impression of you as it is more of how they view things in life than it is about you. But, you have full and total control of your character. 

Be someone your Boaz can be proud of. Be someone you yourself can be proud of. 

Carry yourself with dignity.

6. Stop chasing people. Don’t be desperate. Boaz praised Ruth’s loyalty saying, “You have not gone after a younger man, whether rich or poor.” 

7. Follow the advice of the wise. Ruth knew she can trust Naomi so she followed her advice. Which turned out to be an effective one as Boaz married her after that.

Ruth may not be every man’s fantasy girl, but she’s every man’s ideal wife judging by her character.

The society might have treated her like trash, but her character shined so brightly that a man of integrity like Boaz saw what a gem she was.

Don’t just sit there and wait around for your Boaz. Ruth never did. 

She lived a life of service and the Lord rewarded her.

For He is faithful, and His timing is perfect.


By Lux Ganzon Bared My Soul Blog

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