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Where Is God When You Need Him?

Christian BlogsI honestly believe that when we go through things, God is truly the ONLY one who can really help. It seems like it would be so much easier and less painful for somebody to give us the answers, fix it, and take away the pain, but most of the time you’ll just become confused. Real change has to come from within. You have to get it, have to click with it inside, for it to really make a difference in your life.

*That being said here are 2 hints to point you in the right direction for lifting that load.

1. It’s About Your Relationship With God, Not The Religion.
Matthew 6:33 – “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Most of us desire some type of relationship, so we can do this, right? All the closeness and intimacy you desire from a boyfriend, husband, best friend, needs to be directed to God…. He should be the love of your life, the apple of your eye.

He is the one who will listen to you, no matter what. He thinks you’re the best and He is gonna teach you how to treat yourself. You deserve to be treated like awesome woman you are! He is the one you are going to come to for everything, for every single little decision. He will teach you how to encourage yourself and love yourself… and you won’t feel so heavy, like you’re in dark place… It can go away…. He can do that…He is able! He can teach you how to go through all the ups and downs of life and not let it take over and make you feel stuck. He’ll make you lighter and you’ll have peace in your heart.

Psalm 112 Christian T-Shirt

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Just remember this requires a commitment. Don’t be a committaphobe! You have to designate time to your relationship with God daily. Because just like any other relationship, you have to spend time with a person in order to get to know them.

2. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude, Change Your Attitude!
Psalm 118:1 -“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; 
his love endures forever.”

Now we’re getting to the meat of it. GRATITUDE is SO SUPER important. Actually gratitude is a part of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Yep, the psychologists actually use this for treatment. Gratitude helps with resilience, perception, positive outlooks, depression, anxiety, and changing negative thinking habits… you name it! Yes, It’s awesome! BUT we’re taking it one step further, because we are adding Jesus to the mix…after all the WORD said it first!

Sooooo, first things first, pray…. everyday…. but focus this prayer on telling Him what you are grateful and thankful for…go overboard…don’t be stingy! There are tons of things to give thanks for…. bills got paid. Check. Wow it’s gorgeous out today. Check. Got a moment to myself. Check. You get the picture. Keep brainstorming… you are praising Him and teaching yourself to change your perception…

Find a beautiful spot nearby if you can! This will help you to build up and stir up your appreciation vibes! Say, out loud or write down what you’re grateful for.

Make the time to do this daily. Don’t have the time? You’ll make it, if this change is important to you. You’ll find the time to prioritize what is important to you. There is a way.


Thank God for every single little thing. Have a notebook on hand with you to write interesting things or nice things that pop up in your head, or just write down what you are grateful for….

Start with this… Discipline yourself to do this almost every day…Allow yourself to zone out… This is how you start to change any negative perceptions that the enemy is trying to put on you.

Be determined. Commit to this. Commit to God and a change will come over you, but most importantly… you will start to feel His presence and realize that He has never left your side!

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Dear Kitten Video Had Me Rolling!

Probably one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen:)
Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 3.59.34 PM

Kay Robertson Has A Shocking Confession & Hearing It May Save Your Life.

When Miss Kay wanted to end her life, her son told her something that shocked her to her core. . .and changed her life forever. If you’ve ever felt you were struggling in life, you need to hear this.

4 Methods To Overcome Your Fears

2 Timothy 1:7 – God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


Stop, close your eyes, and think about something you’ve been wanting to do for a while now.  Now ask yourself … “what’s standing in the way of it”. Sometimes fear is the only thing standing in the way of our blessings!

Before starting this blog, I was stuck at a job I hated. I wanted to leave, I dreamed of leaving, but fear kept me there. “What if I leave and regret it?”, “What if I fail?”. And to be honest, I was quite comfortable there. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”… right? WRONG! It took them letting me go, for me to finally pursue some of the things God placed in my heart.

Do you get stressed at just the thought of what the future holds? If so, It’s time to stop listening to your fears and start speaking your blessings into existence!

Here’s 4 Ways to Start Overcoming Fear, Right Now


Devotional Overcome Fear













Before you can move beyond your fear, you have to get to the root of your fear. What do you stand to gain by trying? Now ask yourself what will you gain by not trying at all?


Read Your Bible

I don’t know about you but reading my bible sure puts things in perspective for me. Subscribing to daily devotionals can be great help as well. Sometimes a fear of being alone is a sign of placing too much of your love in him and not enough in Him.


Keep A Journal

Jotting down your fears on paper is important, because trying to think of them through doesn’t always work. You get caught in endless loops of negativity that only lead you further away from a solution, making your life miserable.



There’s nothing like the calmness that comes over me after I’ve just prayed. Before you talk to anyone else about your fears, talk to the one who can actually do something about it. But don’t just talk, Listen! If you listen to God’s voice in everything you do, you won’t have time to listen to fear!


Are you ready to quit allowing fear to control your life? By reading this article, you’ve already taken the first step, and you’ve put the wheels in motion.


The next step is taking action and using the tips above

When You Continually Revisit Mistakes

feliciaI try constantly to live the life God would have me to live for Him, but the same mistakes keep finding me.

First, if you’re reading this and you feel like this post is for you—it is. God lead you here and that’s important, because we know you’re probably feeling something along the lines of: “How can He still love me after everything?” It’s possible. Trust that and trust Him.

Next, you may be wondering if God really has a plan for you and how it’ll all work out if you continue to stray. These are common questions, common feelings, and common mistakes. (more…)

5 Steps To Trusting God When You Face Trials

5 Steps Trusting GodAs Christian women we know the vital connection to God is through prayer, yet we can let it slip away from us. We must be deliberate in choosing to cling to it and trusting God even in the darkness and silence.

Maintaining that vital connection to God in prayer is a choice. Step by step, through the fog on our pathway, we can choose to trust that God has our best interest at heart and lean on His strength to get us through our day… or … we choose to shrug Him off with little expectation and lean wearily on our own understanding.

When we live our lives with prayer on the fringe we are really telling God that we don’t trust Him. Often with our lips we declare trust but with our lives we show that we really don’t believe He will see us through. Ask yourself the hard questions…

Do I really trust God to have my best interest at heart?
Do I really believe He will strengthen me today to walk where I need to walk…even in the dark and the silence?
These steps will help you increase your TRUST in God and to bring prayer into focus.

T – Thanks
Thank God for the things He has done in your past. Go back as far as you need to.Begin to chart His track record in your life. Ask Him to remind you of times past when He was there for you. Then find something in your life today to be grateful for. Living thankfully is God’s will for your life.

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).
R – Repent
Say you are sorry to God for intentionally allowing things in your heart and your life that you know would disappoint Him. Having a rebellious heart toward God’s ways in one area of your life can cause your prayers to hit the ceiling in other areas. Take an inward look and ask for God’s help in changing attitudes, thoughts, motives and actions that need a correction.“If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened: but God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer” (Psalm 66:18 & 19).
U – Unify
Unify broken relationships. Whether you have offended someone or have been offended, God leaves the ball in your park to seek restoration. If restoration isn’t possible give God the broken pieces and ask Him to root resentment out of your heart. Bringing peace to fractured relationships brings blessing.“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9).
S – Share
Share the journey. When times are tough and trust wears thin, find a friend to pray with you and for you. Tell someone your struggle and ask her to walk with you awhile on the road of life. Getting help in our weakness leads to healing and to power in praying.“Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16).
T – Take time
Take time to spend with God. If your heart is dry set aside some time to listen to praise music and use the words of the songs as prayers from your heart. Till up the ground that has become hard from the worries of life. Learn to spend time in the presence of the Lord and find refreshing beyond what you can imagine.“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust”” (Psalm 91:1 & 2).

Giving Thanks When You’re Not Feeling Thankful.

It’s easy to begin feeling you are somehow lacking because you haven’t achieve the success or fortune of others, especially when we are constantly regaled with stories about the rich and famous in the news. These stories are everywhere, and TV shows and films glamorize the luxury life. And when people break through, say by winning the lottery, they are celebrated, too. Thus, it can be easy to feel left out or feel one doesn’t measure up.


When you’re in a bad mood or going through a rough time, the last thing on your mind is about being thankful. However being able to give thanks, when times are hard, is important. Your attitude can affect the people surrounding you and can cause you to become depressed.

Next time you’re feeling less than thankful, use these tips to get back on track and give thanks:
Being Thankful


Keep a Gratitude Journal

Reminding yourself what you have to be grateful for and recording your gratefulness each day helps to cement how thankful you are. It doesn’t matter how difficult your life is at the moment, there is always something to be thankful for, some shining light of gratitude.


It Could Be Worse

Whenever myself or my brothers didn’t want to eat our food, My mom would always say ” Be thankful for that food on your plate. There are people in this world who are starving with nothing to eat… Eating out of trash cans!”. I don’t know about you, but after hearing this suddenly, those veggies didn’t taste so bad. The same thing can apply to adult life. Think of how much worse it could be and suddenly you’re thankful for what you have.

Be thankful for the blessings you do have in life. If you’re struggling with naming those blessings, it can be beneficial to go back to what you’ve written in your gratitude journal previously.


Do Good for Others

Helping others that are in need is a great way to help you feel thankful for the opportunities you have in life. Providing humanitarian efforts is a great morale booster and will bring positivity to your life.


You don’t “have” to. You “get” to

You get to wake up early for work. You get to make another sales call for your business. You get to work out today. You get to write an article. You get to make dinner for your family. You get to go to your son’s game.

I think it’s important to remind yourself that the things you do each day are not burdens, they are opportunities. So often, the things we view as work are actually the reward.


You’re Alive For a Reason!

Enjoy the outside world. Soak up the world around you. Appreciate the air, the trees and the beautiful sun. If you’re having a long day, appreciating the smaller things in life. Being one with nature will humble you. While you may not be thankful, you should give thanks to God for blessing your life in a number of ways and for providing you with the vitals to keep on keeping on. You’re alive, and with that being said…. Things can get better!


People with a strong sense of gratitude, love and appreciation don’t necessarily have more than others; they aren’t “more blessed” They simply recognize and see the potential in their lives. People who cultivate thankfulness are generally happier and healthier than people who don’t.

Mothers Final Act Saves Her Baby.

With Her Dying Breath, This Mom Saved Her Baby In An Unusual Way. You Won’t Believe What She Did!



Gunman Tries To Kill Mom & Baby, But God Had Other Plans For This Child!


Jessica Arrendale was probably like any other new mom—dreaming big dreams filled with hope for a wonderful future for her 6 month old baby.



So it’s no surprise that when this Georgia mom was faced with the idea of those dreams shattering right in front of her eyes, she did everything in her power to protect her precious infant.

In the early morning hours, her boyfriend, Antoine became very violent and Jessica knew he meant to kill her and their baby. What this victim of domestic abuse did to protect her little girl is downright shocking, and is an absolute MIRACLE!

Even though she had been beaten with a baseball bat and shot in the head, Jessica still found a way to save her daughter.

After receiving reports of gunshots in the home, police arrived on the scene. After a 14-hour stand off, police entered the couple’s home to find Antoine had killed himself in their baby’s bedroom.

Sadly, they also discovered Jessica’s lifeless body, slumped over a toilet.

But what completely shocked the police was what they found INSIDE the toilet.

Because this unlikely hiding spot was where Jessica hid her baby girl to keep her safe from the child’s violent father, shielding the sweet child with her own body.

Jessica’s mother, Teresa Ionniello, believes that Antoine wanted to kill both Jessica and the baby, but was unable to see the baby in the toilet, hidden by her mom’s body.

“She was the hero,” Teresa said, “because her last breath was saving the child.”



10 Steps to Get You Ready for Your Soul Mate

As my husband and I approach our 1 year anniversary, I can’t help but reflect on our past and the difference it has made in our lives to follow the path God had for us. As March arrives, we will also celebrate our 9 years together. Very happy and in love but something was just not right. 2 of those years dating, 3 plus years living together then the change pressing on our souls that had to happen in order to continue our journey and our relationship with Christ… 2 plus years we abstained from all sexual relations, as we waited for our wedding night. This was by far, the greatest decision we made. Those two and half years provided me much-needed time for reflection and insight of my past, mindset and decisions made along the way. The intimacy and connection it brought to my husband and I was unlike no other.


10 Steps to Get You Ready for Your Soul Mate

Here’s 10 Tips to Get You Ready for Your Soul Mate:

1. Pray. Ask others to pray with you and for you. Are you asking God to bring you a man or a better man but not truly believing (by your actions and self talk) that you are worthy of the best, most gentle, loving and caring man? Are you praying for your soul mate but not asking God to open your heart, mind and eyes to the lies you are currently believing and accepting? Are you not asking God to change you, mold you and prepare you for your future husband? If not, it is time to start.

2. Stop having premarital sex. It does not matter if you are currently in a relationship. Stop and wait until your married. If he leaves you because of this, then you will know without a doubt that this person is not “the one”. It doesn’t matter if you have a child with this man, you have been dating him for 10 years or your relationship is new. This type of sin slowly chips away at your soul, self-worth and separates you from the relationship you were meant to have with God. You should be insulted as a beautiful and worthy woman of God, if he feels it is important to sample you before marrying you. By not waiting, you are the one in control of your life and you are choosing your own path. When you choose your own path over the one God has for you, you are missing out on opportunities to meet your soul mate.

3. Spend much more alone time with God and His word. If you feel your worth is defined by having a man in your life and having that man stay in your life depends on you giving him your precious body then you need to spend much more alone time with God and His word. Understand these are Satan’s lies you are believing to be true about yourself. These are lies.

4. Understand this is really NOT the intimacy and connection you desire and crave. Satan tells us it is readily available to us through sex. This is a huge lie designed to separate us from our Creator, think less of our selves and destroy our self-worth. See the lie for what it’s worth and turn yourself towards Gods truth.

5. Know that sex does not equal love. Love is not full of lies, cheating eyes, nor cheating bodies. Love is not belittling and degrading comments or gestures. Love is not a strong abusive hand or voice. If you have believed this lie to be true know that you are worth so much more. Read what the bible says love is (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).

6. Get involved in helping others. Get involved at church, start a singles small group. Take up a hobby. Get yourself healthy – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

7. Love yourself through God’s eyes. Believe His truths, speak His truths over and over in your head. Speak them out loud. Wrap yourself in the full armor of God and take captive every negative and sinful thought. Believe that you are worth waiting for and your future husband is worth waiting for. Prepare now for future temptation.

8. Realize that you can not pick and choose which parts of God’s word you choose to believe. There are many sins which are the result of following with your flesh and not with your faith. Sex before marriage is one of those. Control your thoughts and your flesh will follow.

9. Understand that you are not alone. You are beautiful, precious and very much-loved. You are worthy and valuable. So much so that saving yourself for marriage…for your future…would be the ultimate gift to give to him. By not waiting you are in control of your life and choosing your own path. When you choose your path over the one God has for you, you are missing out on opportunities to meet your soul mate.

10. Be patient. While it may feel that God is making you wait forever, He is still preparing you. Remember He could still be at work in your future husband too. Even though you may be ready in God’s eyes, your soul mate is not ready yet. Be still while He readies him for you. Maybe your future husband is just as stubborn as you once were! Be patient and have faith.

Waiting On God’s Perfect Timing.

feliciaWe often pray, hope and dream for various things. However, we can get impatient when we don’t know when they will happen, such as knowing its exact date or time.

True faith includes being patient and remembering that God has our best interest at heart. This also includes believing that God knows just the right time to reveal it to us. Whatever God has promised us will come to pass. The challenge is to trust His timing. Therefore, we may have to exercise much patience.

Knowing the exact timing of various blessings or promises won’t make much of a difference because we would still have to wait for it, if it doesn’t come instantly.
If we knew the exact time, then there is no need to exercise our faith. We would remain fixated on that date until it comes and not live in the moment of each day.

At bus stops and train platforms, in London, there is usually a live board which tells you when the next one is coming.
I’ve often been frustrated when the board at a bus stop was not working because I wouldn’t know when the next bus was coming. However, I later realized that regardless of whether the bus timer is working or not, if the bus is still in service, then it will come. Therefore, I won’t be any better off knowing when, only that it will eventually arrive.
This is the same way that God works. He is alive and active in our lives; so it is only a matter of time when our blessings and promises will come to pass.

David waited for over 20 years to become king of Israel from the moment that he was anointed by Samuel: 15 years to become king of Judah and then another 7 years to become king of Israel. If he had known that it would have taken that long, then he may not have been able to gain the skills and characteristics that he had learned through his waiting period, that were needed for him to become a great king. He lived in each moment anticipating when he would get there and learned a great deal along the way, so that he was fully prepared and ready to gain his title.

God likes to prepare us, while we wait, to be spiritually, emotionally and physically ready. When we allow this process to finish its work, we come out mature, complete and not lacking in anything (James 1:3-4).

When we wait and endure long, difficult moments and processes to get to where we need to be, we truly value and appreciate it because of the struggle we went through.

When our hard work finally shows its fruit, when that miracle comes or when our career or business finally flourishes, we would be proud of our efforts and how far we came. We would also appreciate it more because of how long we waited and prayed for it.

We will gradually get to where we need to be, it takes just one step at a time. Everything that has happened in our lives is preparing us for greater moments. God wants to use our whole lifetime to prepare us for eternity and greatness, so He is not in a rush.

God’s timing is perfect; never early and never late. He knows what is best for us and will place us at the right place and at the right time. It’s only a matter of time, so hold on to Gods promises for your life.

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