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Sharing and Living with God Everyday

Sharing and Living with God EverydayWhile we often remember to ask God for help when the chips are down, we often forget to implement him into our everyday life. Keeping God in your life every day can truly change the way you feel and the way that you see the world. Not only that, but if you are willing to express your love for god with JCLU Forever Christian apparel others will see you differently as well. There are many things that you can do along with expressing your trust in God with your apparel.

Holding a Bible Study

Inviting friends to a bible study on a regular basis in a comfortable setting is a great way to keep God in your heart and in the open air regularly. Making the time to meet with those that already have found God’s love as well as those that might not be sure can really elevate your love. It is also an excellent way to help someone that is not ready for a church gathering to informally explore God’s love.

Bringing God to Work

The work place can be an overwhelming location that easily allows you to leave God at the door each day. Bringing God into your work place can dramatically change the way you feel about your daily work related tasks and can even rub off on those around you. Take times like your lunch break to reflect on your relationship with God by studying Bible passages or looking at some Christian news online. This is a good opportunity for you to find God in your workday.

Morning Moments with God

Starting your day off the right way can set the tone for the entire day. One way to work with God to create a day filled with progress and love is by spending a few minutes every day before you start the rush to reflect on your relationship with God. Perhaps this means taking the time to read some of your favorite passages in the Bible before you head to the breakfast table or maybe this means combining meditation with a conversation with God.

Regardless of how you plan to work God into your everyday life, remember that you can help others do the same with current fashions by JCLU Forever Christian apparel. You can share God’s love with those that either had no idea it was meant for them or those that have forgotten he has been there all the time.

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Taking God Back

Taking God BackDuring difficult times many people look to God for answers. They ask why God would allow the horrible things to happen whether it is drought, tsunami, earthquake or tornado. It is at this time that many people leave God in the confusion of why he hasn’t taken action to stop the difficulties. At some point most people decide to come back to God and take God back into their lives. There is a challenge for them at this point, much like calling a long lost relative that you have not spoken to in many years because of a misunderstanding or a difference of opinion. Picking up that phone and making the first communication can be hard.

There are things that you can do to ease back into bringing God into your life. Start by attending a church service or a bible study. If you are not sure you are ready to go public with your continued love of God, you might want to talk to your friends that are already in love with God. They might work with you to have some private bible study sessions so that you can reconnect with God. Alternatively, you might reach out to God on your own in private conversation to get the ball rolling.

When you are trying to bring God back into your life, remember that he loves you and that he knows your love for him. Open your arms so that you are getting all that God has to offer you and that you can be filled with the peace and confidence that comes with God’s love. We don’t only need to look to God when we are in trouble and don’t know what to do. If we have God in our life we will find peace and the strength to do what we need to as the difficult times come along.

Once you start the communication you will find that it gets easier each time you look to God. You will find that before long you will even want to share your love for God and his love for you with others. You may even find that fashion takes a place in this endeavor with the help of an I’m in Love with Jesus sweatshirt from JCLU Forever. The Christian apparel is a good way to say what you want without having to even open your mouth. Pass the word by giving those you love the gift of Christian apparel for holidays and just because you love them.

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Hearing God through the Clutter

Hearing God through the ClutterLife in society today is filled with rushing around and abundant distractions. With cell phones, computers, text messaging and email, it is hard to find the time or the energy to simply have a one on one conversation with anyone, even God. Taking the time to find God in your day can change the way that you digest the onslaught of information that is thrown at you at every turn. You will find that once you find that connection with God you will be able to filter the information that is coming through to you far easier and with less stress.

Take some time to make sure that you are considering God in your every day decision making, whether it is sending an email to a co-worker or making arrangements for a business trip. With every bit of correspondence think about how the other person will perceive you. Decide to treat everyone as God would want you to treat them, even if it is in an email or a text message. Share with those that you communicate to how much God means in your life and how integrity and respect are an important part of how you live your life. This will help you be confident in your how you handle your life.

Living your life as God would want you to live it, even in the face of electronic overload, is going to bring you peace and confidence. Taking a step back when you are communicating with others, even at the speed of light, can give you a better perspective on most situations at hand. Teaching those around you by example is the best way to get results from those around you that you respect. While formality is not always necessary in communications, respect is essential and you want to make sure that you are putting that self forward. Making sure that those you work with and those that you relate to in your life see you for who you are can bring you a great amount of comfort.

You can make some bold statements about how you operate in your daily life through Christian apparel. You might adorn a fashion forward sweatshirt that reads “What will it Profit You to Gain the World and Lose Your Soul?” from JCLU Forever. This is one of many statements that will show the world that you have a certain set of standards for yourself that have been set by Jesus. Don’t be afraid to make a statement that will show who you really are and provide the world with a glimpse of your love of God and his unconditional love for you.

Overcoming Peer Pressure

Overcoming Peer PressureTeenagers of today have a difficult task in front of them that goes beyond learning. Keeping up with the pressures that their peers put on them is a challenge for most teens. Have a strong sense of self and of Jesus’ love can bring them great strength. Reinforcing the love of Jesus and helping them to take claim to their own presence can be accomplished in many ways including helping them to express this with their clothes.

Most teenagers like to express their own individuality through the clothing that they wear. This presents an excellent opportunity for them to show their pride in their love for Jesus and his love for them with JCLU Forever Christian apparel. With their pick of Christian T-shirts, comfortable and attractive sweatpants and even accessories like hats, bags and jewelry, there is plenty for them to love. They come in very current colors and styles making it really easy for them to feel great about expressing their way of life and love for Jesus.

By wearing clothing that expresses their beliefs and how much Jesus loves, teens can pass on this valuable information to their peers. This is not only helpful in helping the teens to take on their own identity, but it also does the work of a Christian by passing on the message to those around them. Thanks to the fashionable options available at JCLU Forever Christian apparel, they can easily start conversations with their peers about what they are wearing. Conversation about the apparel can easily open up communication about Jesus. This can only increase your teen’s confidence level.

When communicating with your teen about the peer pressure that they might be under, it is important that you highlight how important they are to Jesus and how his love withstands all. Let the lines of communication between you and your teen be open and invite opportunities for them to open up to you as often as possible. Take time out to spend with them talking about their daily life and how Jesus is there through it all. With the right apparel your teen can express their personality and beliefs without even saying anything. Taking the time to choose the right clothing will help them to spread the word to their peers and give them a true sense of who they are at the core. This can help them to get through any kind of peer pressure.

Mobile Apps That Every Christian Should Check Out

Ask 10 people how many of them have a smart device of some sort and every person will likely raise their hand. Whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, it seems that almost everybody today has an Internet-connected device chock-full of apps.
Take a look at what apps you have installed on your very own device. Mobile apps are a great way to stay connected to the things that matter most to you, but they can also be a great tool for strengthening your faith and supporting a God-first lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite Christian mobile apps, all either free or no more than $2.99:

  • Instapray

Instapray consists of a feed of prayers being posted in real-time. Below each prayer users can click a button to pray for, re-pray or leave a comment to the person who posted it.
Why you’ll love it: If you’ve ever felt guilty about your social media addiction, then you’ll love this app because it has the same feel as a social platform like Twitter but allows you to make a real difference in others’ lives. You can also periodically check in to see who is praying for you and where they come from—whether it’s across the world or around the block.
You can also follow Instapray on Instagram @Instapray for inspirational messages and images.

  • Bible Promises

Bible Promises delivers you a daily Bible message each and every day, containing over 500 of the most popular Bible verses covering topics from addiction to courage to depression to financial hardship to support you in your time of need.
Why you’ll love it: You can also search for verses using various keywords and can share verses with your loves ones through email, text or social media. You can also save your favorite verses by starring them, and what’s especially cool is that new topics are frequently added based on user suggestions.

  • Honoring Him/Honoring Her

These two apps were created for husbands and wives to cherish one another. Each helps provide inspiration to spouses to love, honor and appreciate each other as well as to remind them of God’s very important role in marriage.
Why you’ll love it: These apps come full of ideas to spark your creativity and scriptures to remind you of the honor and privilege of marriage and lasting love. This app can also be great for engaged couples looking to prepare for their life together.

And, of course, don’t forget to install a Bible app so that you have God’s Word with you wherever you go. Think about it: what would happen if you treated your Bible like you treat your smartphone? You want to be able to not live without it and always have it on you in case of an emergency. By downloading a Bible app, this is exactly what you get. One Bible app to try is Glo Bible. Learn more about it by clicking here.
There are so many more awesome apps to include in this list that we didn’t get a chance to cover. Feel free to share your favorites with us!

Fun Outdoor Date Ideas To Try Together This Spring

This year’s winter season has been one of the coldest on record, but spring weather will be here before you know it. The air is warming up for many and the snow has (finally!) seemed to cease, and that means a lot more fun can be had outdoors. If you’ve been itching to get outside with your significant other, here are some spring-inspired date ideas to try together this year:

Go biking: Biking is a great way to spend time together and it will help you stay active, too. Consider stopping by Goodwill and picking up a used bike; tons of second-hand bikes can be ridden again and it’ll help save you some cash in the long run. Ride around town or bring your bikes to the park for a quick spin. Or, make a day of it by bringing bike locks and going off to explore the area by foot.

Tag sale together: In today’s budget-conscious world, tons of younger couples are looking to save money and get creative wherever they can. Spring is the unofficial beginning of tag sale season. It’s a fun and easy way to spend an early Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon after church together. Take a ride around your neighborhood and see what you can find—or better yet, combine with the above and bike!
Take a road trip: Whether you have a final destination—like a big state fair or a concert—or are feeling more spontaneous, hop into one of your cars and travel the open road together. Play games while driving, make a road trip playlist and be sure to take some amazing snapshots of wherever you two end up going.

Beach it up: Bring a volleyball, a whiffle ball set, and a Frisbee and you’ll have enough activities to last you at the beach until the sun sets. Bring a portable radio or your iPod/smartphone (don’t forget speakers) and get to the beach on an early weekend morning before the crowds roll in. The beach always has a light and fun atmosphere for a casual outdoor date.

Do a drive-in movie: Believe it or not, but drive-in movies still exist, and they’re awesome! A drive-in gives you a whole new set of reasons to want to catch a movie. Drive-ins play older movies as opposed to what’s currently out in theatres and you can sit in your car or prop some pillows up in the bed of a truck to watch. Seeing how admission doesn’t cost much, you can even bring your own food to make the date more personal. Most do have a food stand that you can get snacks or dinner at, as well.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to do anything over the top to have a blast together. More often than not, it’s the smaller things that bring a couple closer together, and that’s what God wants for us. If you’re at a loss of what to do, just try something new—and make sure you try it together.

Making Work More Enjoyable, No Matter What You Do

Making Work More Enjoyable, No Matter What You Do
In today’s budget-conscious world, we all hold a 9-5 job to make a living for ourselves. Some of us are fortunate enough to be doing what we love, while others may still be working towards their occupational goals. It’s a slow and sometimes sufferable climb, but it’s worth the patience and endurance of making it to the top.

We all have a dream job, but, in the meantime, we have to take the work we can get. This is perhaps one of the harshest realities we face upon reaching adulthood. The fact of the matter is that work isn’t always enjoyable—whether it’s a part-time gig or a job we’ve been doing for decades. Work can become stale, redundant and can be a major cause of stress in our lives.

But you don’t have to feel worn out. Here are some ways that you can find fulfillment at work and make each day meaningful:
• Change your mentality: Take advantage of every single moment of every day, even if the majority of it is spent working. How many times have you said, “I can’t wait until Friday!” or “TGIF!” There’s a quote that goes: “People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer and all of life for happiness.” Happiness is here right now, if only you choose to embrace it.


• Thank God for your job: Not everybody has a job. Millions of people struggle without any sustainable income and the percentage of college graduates today that secure a job in their field is shockingly slim. While it’s only natural to feel frustrated at times with your job, remember to always pray in thanksgiving for the fact that God has blessed you with a steady career.

• Pray for your coworkers and boss: If you’ve been having trouble with your coworkers or boss lately, pray for them. Don’t pray that your circumstances change, but that anything going on in their lives can be improved. Pray that God shows them favor and that they have a great week at work just like you. You spend more time with your coworkers than you do with anybody else throughout the week, so keep them in your prayers.

• It’s not about the money: We work to make money to sustain our living here on Earth, but remember that this Earth is not our home. We’re awaiting a bigger and better place where money is not only insignificant but nonexistent. Remember your priorities in life; don’t let work or the promise of more money replace time spent with those who are important to you or, more importantly, compromise your relationship with God. As Luke 16:13 says, “No servant can serve two masters…You cannot serve both God and Money.”

• Decorate your office/cubicle: If you need some inspiration to get you through the day (and if you work in corporate), decorate your office or cubicle with faith-based messages or some of your favorite pieces of scripture. It will keep you inspired and share God’s Word with those who stop by.
Surrender your job to God. Give everything to Him and He will make all things work for your good. You may not be completely fulfilled in your current position, but that doesn’t mean that God isn’t using your job to fulfill His promise for your life in the long-run.

Have A Blessed Day!

Allison Boccamazzo

JCLU Forever!

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